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Gramm and McMillin: The Debt Problem Hasn’t Vanished

While deficit projections have recently moderated, the cost of servicing the national debt will explode once interest rates begin to rise. A version of this article appeared May 22, 2013, on page A15 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: The Debt Problem Hasn’t Vanished....
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Gramm and Taylor: The Hidden Costs of Monetary Easing

By Phil Gramm and John Taylor as appeared in Wall Street Journal on September 12, 2012 Since mid-September of 2008, the Federal Reserve balance sheet has grown to $2,814 billion from $924 billion as it purchased massive amounts of U.S. Treasurys and mortgage backed securities. To finance those purchases the...
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The Obama Discount

Had the U.S. economy recovered from the current recession the way it bounced back from the other 10 recessions of the Post-War Period, our per capita Gross Domestic Product would be $3,553 higher and 11.9 million more Americans would now be working....
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