The Budget Sequester’s Silver Lining

Uniting a divided Congress around a major deficit reduction plan was never going to be easy, but it is virtually impossible when the incumbent president campaigns instead of governs and seeks to divide the nation based on how much money people make....
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Echoes of the Great Depression

Echoes of the Great Depression By Phil Gramm (As published on Wall Street Journal) This may not be your grandfather’s Great Depression, but many aspects of today’s situation would remind him of the 1930s. If the recession that officially ended a year ago feels uncomfortably surreal to you yet familiar...
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Bring back deficit knife

Federal budget deficits are back with a vengeance. With the U.S. economy showing clear signs of recovery, it is time for Washington policymakers to shelve budget-busting health care reform and “cap-and-trade” legislation and focus instead on reducing deficit spending. Newly released budget projections from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and...
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